After years of washouts, the long hot summer last year sent the country into a feel good mode for a few balmy months.

“Summer is expected to be sunnier and warmer than average, but there may be a lack of high daytime temperatures, especially during August,” he said.

“The most settled periods of summer are during the last 10 days of each month of the season. In particular, the last weeks of June and July may be significantly dry, warm, bright and sunny.

“June is a mild month with scattered days of early warmth until some hot days in the third week and then a sunny last week, during which time thermometers may soar.

“Temperatures are fairly constantly in the 20s after the 19th July, with the final three or four days in July possibly among the hottest for the season.

“August temperatures may be mostly in the 20s, but cloud and intermittent rain make it disappointing for outdoor activities.”