During the winter months, it becomes much harder to spend quality time in your garden. Rain, sleet and snow will drive you back indoors, making entertaining guests outside impossible. However, as always, Rattan Cube has the perfect solution for you.

Our Luxury Gazebo is constructed from polyester roofing, supported by a strong steel structure. Roof ventilation allows air to flow freely, preventing the gazebo from being battered by the wind. With this gazebo, you and your guests can stay warm and dry while enjoying your winter garden.

This Luxury Gazebo comes with a beautiful cream canopy, which is ideal for any garden. Whether your garden is full of bright colours or adorned with greenery, the Luxury Gazebo will blend in with your colour scheme.

Year Round Garden Party

Although you can keep the Luxury Gazebo up all year round, the unit is also easy to assemble and take down if you wish to store it away. As such, your guests will feel that you have truly went the extra mile to host a special occasion.

The Luxury Gazebo measures 3 x 3 meter, so there is plenty of room to cover your Rattan Cube furniture. With this gazebo, you can host barbeque parties even when there is snow lying thick on the ground.

If you or a loved one are planning on a winter wedding, the Luxury Gazebo is perfect for entertaining guest before or after ceremony. This stylish addition to your garden will really allow you to make the most of your garden, all year round.

You won’t find a more luxurious and durable gazebo anywhere else. The Luxury Gazebo is designed to last, providing you with warmth and comfort for years. However, should you experience any issues with the unit, we provide a full year guarantee on your purchase. What’s more, when you order a Luxury Gazebo we will provide delivery for free.