What can be better than enjoying the company of family and friends in your own home? An entertainment space in your own garden, of course!  Simply clearing a given area in order to make an open space for new furniture is all you need.

Here are some fun ideas for outdoor memories:

Add a gazebo: A gazebo can create a gorgeous, sheltered spot in the center of a garden. It serves as an outdoor room for endless entertain while offering great protection a spot of tea or glass of wine.

Set the mood with lighting:  Lighting can make a dramatic difference for the type of ambience you would for your entertainment space. With solar-powered accent lights, one can create a beautiful romantic setting for two or adding some colours can bring a fun night for a group of friends.  Lighting is vital; especially once the sun has set.

Bring in a hot tub: Sometimes all you need at the end of the day is a long, relaxing soak.  A hot tub in your garden would do you just right. Set some rattan lounge chairs around the tub for comfortable seating when you step out.

Create an outdoor kitchen: An outdoor kitchen gives you the mobility to host guest while enjoying dinner under the stars.  Kitchens styles can vary from being modern or classic. Add a rattan dining set and you’ll be ready for outdoor living at its finest.