Are considering carrying out next level landscaping this spring? If so, Rattan Cube furniture is perfectly suited for large projects. From patios to gardens, we can provide everything you need to create your ideal outdoor living spaces.

Garden & Patio Furniture

One of the challenges that homeowners face when landscaping is choosing the right furniture for the available space. Rattan Cube specializes in supplying furniture that works with the shape and size of your garden or patio. Our ranges are also colour designed to ensure that furniture does not clash with surrounding features.

Whether you need garden sofa sets, seating for 4-12 people, or a bar style feature for entertaining, Rattan Cube can help you create stunning outdoor living areas with bespoke furniture. We also provide a range of gazebo options which are idea for hosting parties during the spring when the weather decides to put a dampener on your plans.

Stay Warm this Spring with Rattan Cube

Irish Spring weather can be unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy spending time relaxing in your new garden. A Rattan Cube outside fire is a great centrepiece for any garden, providing warmth when the temperature falls in the evening.

We have a large range of fires to choose from including fireplace, chimney and heater styles. Just like our furniture, Rattan Cube fires are designed to compliment your existing landscape and offer both a practical and decorative solution to outdoor living needs.

Do you need more spring ideas for this coming season? Feel free to browse our range of products at or call today to enquire about available discounts!