Spring arriving is an exciting time for homeowners who enjoy spending time in the garden. You will be tempted to rush out to buy new furniture. However, if you are too hasty you may make some regrettable choices. It is therefore necessary to follow a sensible buyer’s guide, when choosing the right furniture for your garden.

Outside Living Space

Perhaps the most important factor to consider is the size and shape of your outdoor living space. That is the space available to arrange furniture. There are two ways to approach utilising space: Guesstimate and waste time trying to visualise size and dimensions, or take a few minutes to take accurate measurements of your garden.

Fit for Purpose

You can plan the perfect garden party, but all your preparation will come to nought if there is insufficient space for guests to sit and relax. When purchasing furniture it is important to be realistic about whether it is fit for purpose. Rattan Cube ranges come in sizes to suit every need, so you can rely on us to provide you with idea furniture set for your garden.

Assembly and Storage

Assembly and storage are two areas that are important when it comes to arranging furniture. Preassembled furniture is usually not ideal for elevated areas such as balconies. For instance, the Rattan Cube Sydney 2 Seater range is small, lightweight and perfect for balconies and other elevated outdoor spaces. For easy storage, you should consider a fold up table from Rattan Cube which you can bring out when you need extra furniture for hosting spring parties.

Using this simple buyer’s guide in mind, you can create the perfect garden for spring and summer. Giving you the space and flexibility you need to suit every occasion.