Everything about Rattan Cube furniture makes it ideal for summer outdoor living. If you consider the design, colour schemes and materials used in the manufacturing of Rattan Cube furniture it becomes clear that there is a method in how we produce our deluxe sets.

Our commitment to excellence means that you can enjoy the summer regardless of how the Irish weather decides to turn out on any particular day. Rattan Cube furniture has built in UV protection to stop weathering, two tone colours that promote cooling in the heat and synthetic material built to last come rain or shine.

Lasts Longer with Care
As standard, Rattan Cube furniture lasts longer in all weather conditions. You can leave your furniture out all year round, which means not having to find storage for your deluxe sofas in the winter. However, we also provide protective waterproof covers that will keep dirt and mould at bay.
Cleaning involves little more than soapy water for material furniture items and a suitable cleaner for glass. That is all that’s needed to set your furniture up for the summer so that you can concentrate on relaxing with family and friends.

Choose from a Large Range
We have loungers that will provide you with the perfect opportunity to relax in the sun, 2 seaters for intimate outdoor dining, and larger sets of up to 12 seats for a luxury outdoor party atmosphere. With Rattan Cube you have the freedom to mix-and-match your furniture to suit your needs and personal taste for the ultimate outside living space.
Are you interested in furniture designed for outdoor living? Browse our range today and start planning your summer garden.