Outdoor Furniture with Less Maintenance and Less Fuss

Outdoor furniture can add style and functionality to your garden space, but finding the right combination of looks and durability can be a challenge. There are many different choices to choose from treated wood, cedar, rattan, metal, and even plastic.

Most often, people choose between wood and rattan for their garden furniture, and for good reason. Both are sturdy, can last for years, and have many different styles and options available.

Wood Furniture vs. Rattan Outdoor Furniture

The main difference, beyond the basic overall look and feel, is the duration each type of furniture can last before having to refinish or reapply a new coat of stain and/or poly. Most outdoor wood furniture can make 1 year before requiring to have a new coat of stain, or polyurethane, or both. If left out in the elements, wood furniture can soften and eventually rot, if left untreated. This can mean spending hours of time sanding, staining, and adding poly to your garden furniture every other year or so.

Rattan, on the other hand, can last anywhere from 5 to ten years before needing to be touched up, especially assuming basic furniture care maintenance. The intricate work put into rattan designs not only strengthen the pieces so they can withstand being left in the garden year-round, but our rattan is a poly synthetic, made from heavy duty PVC and includes a UV stabliliser, which allows it to age well against the wind and sun. When you combine that with the fact that our rattan has been hand woven on a welded frame, you’re guaranteed a durable, dependable piece of outdoor furniture to last you years with minimal maintenance.

Choices and styles of your outdoor garden furniture are seemingly endless. However, if durability and less fuss is a priority for you, there’s a clear winner and one we know you’ll love.