There’s nothing like the clear, crisp air of winter to fill your lungs and allow you to breath freely. The problem is, spending time outdoors when the temperatures drop can become a bit of a challenge. When the cold starts nipping at your toes, the temptation to flee inside will likely become too much. But what if you could lounge outside, even in the winter?

With a little creativity and design, you can. Think of your garden as a blank canvas. You can use position, lighting and shade to create the effect that you want. So, even in the winter you can achieve complete relaxation without worrying about frostbite.

Arrange for Warmth

First of all, the only thing standing in the way of you lounging in the garden during the winter is the temperature. There are two ways to address this issue. You can keep your furniture arranged in such a way that you are always close to your Rattan Cube Heater, or you can create different garden schemes for winter and summer.

The Amalfi garden loungers, from Rattan Cube, come with a free coffee table. You can enjoy lounging in the winter by positioning your garden heater in such a way that the heat keeps the seating area warm and comfortable in even the coldest of weather. Depending on the design of your garden, you can use surrounding structures and flora to help shelter you from wind, rain, sleet or snow.

Fire as a Centre Piece

For an authentic outdoor experience, we recommend the Rattan Cube Fire Chimney. The hearty glow of the flames will make for a perfect evening admiring the stars. By positioning your loungers and garden, with the fire as a centre piece, you can also easily transition between an intimate setting and hosting space for friends and family.

You know your garden better than anyone else, so arrange your garden furniture and fire in a way that will provide the most warmth and comfort. Use any shade and cover to your advantage. The more sheltered your lounging space, the easier it will be to spend quality time in the garden when the weather has other ideas.

For more winter garden ideas, make sure to check the Rattan Cube store for furniture and accessories that could completely transform your garden.