Over the winter your garden will have weathered the worst that winter had to offer. However, that does not mean it has come out unscathed. You will, of course, want to get to work on replanting and getting some colour back into your garden. Just don’t forget to pay some attention to the areas where you intend to place furniture.

If you plan on arranging garden furniture on your lawn, you will need to first prepare the surface. The wet winter weather may have made your lawn uneven, which will require attention before arranging your furniture.

Wait until the weather has been dry for a few days before moving the lawn and trimming the edges of your garden. If you attempt to mow the lawn before the ground is dry, you could end up unintentionally turning over the soil. For an extremely weathered lawn, mowing alone will not suffice. You may need to consider replacing the lawn.

Even paved gardens need some maintenance after winter. Before arranging your spring furniture on a paved area, you will need to do some spring cleaning. Algae, lichens, liverworts are the most common issues you will face. A suitable patio cleaner will do the trick; however, if you have a family and pets it is important to go with product that is child and pet safe.

Once you are happy that your garden living space provides a suitable surface for your furniture, you can start bringing your spring design to life. Get all the gardening tasks out of the way first, so that when you place your furniture you won’t struggle to maintain your garden. With your garden planted and furniture place, you can now relax and look forward to spring.