Summer is upon us and now’s the time for enjoying the beauty and serenity of your garden as much as possible. Few elements add a touch of class, along with functionality, to your garden’s landscape as outdoor furniture can. However, not all furniture is built to withstand the pounding sun or other harsh elements 24/7. Many will need added protection right away, while others may not need any special protection for a number of years.

UV Protected Garden Furniture

Look for outdoor rattan furniture that is poly synthetic UV protected for furniture that will look newer, longer. But even the best protection needs to be touched up every now and then. This is especially true for outdoor furniture since it’s exposed to the elements. Depending on the furniture you buy, the protection it has had applied, and the level of wear it takes by sun, wind and rain, a new coat of outdoor UV poly should be reapplied every 5-10 years to prolong your furniture’s lifespan.

Cleaning and Protecting Your Garden Furniture

If your rattan furniture is showing signs of wear, be sure to clean it thoroughly with a mild detergent to remove all of the dust and grime. If you see any mildew building up on the furniture, add a cup of household bleach to each gallon of cleaning solution you use and allow it to sit for five minutes before rinsing clean. Next, allow your furniture to dry for a full 24 to 48 hours before applying your new coat of poly synthetic. Remember to purchase outdoor poly with UV protection for maximum preservation. Be sure to read the instructions on your poly to learn your drying duration. Then sit in your garden with peace of mind, knowing you can continue enjoying your furniture for years to come.