We are giving away a free gift of a 25ft expanding garden hose. On every order made with rattancube until this friday the 12th Whether its to water the flowers & veggies. Clean down the patio, wash the car, or simply having some water fun with the kids its a must have accessory in every garden! This amazing expanding hose will stretch to 3 times its length and features an non kinking design meaning you will never have to go back to using a standard hose pipe again.When connected to the tap turn on the water and the hose will start to expand as you stretch it. The hose is super light in weight and folds down so small, making it so easy to store. Once you’ve finished, simply turn off the tap and the Hose automatically contracts and “tidies itself away” in just seconds Voila!
On your order put in FBHOSEMAY15 in additional notes, to receive your gift. Happy ordering!!! Share if you know someone who may be interested in this offer!

free gift