What do you imagine when you picture the perfect garden? It really depends on what you fancy and your individual taste. While some people prefer a manicured look that would befit a royal estate, others prefer a garden that is more casual. To design the perfect garden for your tastes, consider these points.

 Casual or Elegant

What is your inspiration for your outdoor space? If you want the feel of a casual, country garden, your design will include more free-flowing plants with comfortable rattan garden furniture that is designed for relaxation. Choose soft flowers and fragrant lilac bushes that make your outdoor area into a beautiful oasis for your enjoyment.

On the other hand, if your style is more elegant, trimmed hedges and a stone patio with a beautiful rattan dining set may be more suitable. Add interest with sculpted garden art and potted plants to complete your elegant design.

 How Much Maintenance

Your perfect garden will only stay that way if you are able to maintain it. When designing your garden, keep in mind the maintenance needed to keep it looking beautiful. Certain plants require more than just watering and weeding; they also require pruning and constant care that may take more time than you may be prepared to dedicate to your garden. The same is true with your garden furniture. If you want furniture that is beautiful, yet easy to maintain, choose rattan which doesn’t need constant staining or painting.

Whether you fancy a casual or elegant style for your perfect garden, rattan furniture can help make your dream a reality. We have a wide selection of both comfortable and elegant garden furniture pieces that will add to the beauty of your garden space.