A garden without a lounge area is just – a garden! Here’s an exciting idea: add some beautiful outdoor Rattan furniture to make your garden look astonishing and provide a comfortable hangout area.

Rattan furniture is a favourite for gardens and it adds great comfort and style to an outdoor area no matter where it is. Outdoor Rattan is a thin, pliable length of HDPE , which offers durability and is used to make outdoor furniture. You can find lovely pieces ranging from lounge chairs and day beds to dining sets and sofa sets.

There are many benefits that Rattan furniture brings over other garden furniture options.

Benefits of Rattan

Rattan is durable and waterproof, perfect for the summer weather. Because it is suitably coated with a protective finish, the furniture will last for many years without visible damage to its weaving.

Flexibility and strength are natural features of rattan furniture. Rattan garden furniture pieces are constructed with a very strong weave that will not tear, no matter the usage it receives.

Rattan furniture is versatile in both style and coziness. The pieces can be styled and dressed up in many different ways in order to give you the feel you want both in style and comfort. Rattan can be accented with an endless amount of colors and patterns. Rattan’s natural colors compliment any theme, bold, bright prints or neutral solids.

Have fun furnishing your new garden lounge area, and remember to invite us over!